Paul Kingma

Paul Kingma (1931-2013)

The « Kingma tables » creations start from the author’s admiration for earth history and life in general. Elements of the past represent for him a lot of magic and beauty. Use this old materials gave him a lot of satisfaction in his work. With modesty, Paul Kingma established a dialogue between these elements of the past and everyday objects.

Immodestly, Kingma collected, bought, tried and traveled the world to find these beautiful products of the time in distant lands and strange places. With his tables, Kingma tried to focus on the beauty of life and the world. The activity he chose gave him a great joy in work. It consisted in the realization of stone tables where the magic of beauty was his first search. Their heavy weight is the testimony of their durability. For Paul Kingma, eternity, ease of use, invulnerability and joy at work, have remained determinants since the beginning.